After an incredibly successful No Man November (well done me) I am glad to welcome in December with open arms.  First off this year has gone by so quickly! Feels like just yesterday I was buying myself a fresh 2013 diary and now we’re about to hit 2016.  Lord have mercy.

December is for sure my favourite month (other than February, my birthday month) for so many reasons.  Firstly, the unbeatable Oxford Street lights.  Nothing makes me feel more Christmassy than walking (squeezing my way through the masses) down Oxford Street with all the beautiful lights and general good vibes. Also lets talk about the annual competition people have with the lights on their houses.  As soon as December 1st strikes some people waste no time in decking every inch of their houses with garish lights.  Next, two of my favourite words.  Mulled.  Wine.  Does two great things for the soul, keeps you merry/boozy and warm. What more could you want?! By far the best thing ever about Christmas is seeing family and friends.  After what seemed to be an eternity of cold weather, catching up with the squad and seeing the family most amazing treat.

Listen pals, on a sly side note, to those who were equally as successful with their No Man Novembers think about all that money you can now spend on booze instead of buying your significant other a present.  Every cloud…

Anyway, Happy December Folks,

Love Lollie xox

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